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Rifle Review: The Wilson Combat Super Sniper

Wilson Combat has earned a reputation for producing innovative, high-quality firearms, from custom-grade handguns and shotguns to ARs in various chamberings and models. The Super Sniper lives up to Wilson's reputation, delivering everything a marksman, hunter or competitor could ask for in a long gun intended to deliver sustained precision fire at long distances.


The Super Sniper's ergonomic design and tactical features puts it at one of the best AR sniper rifles and even puts it on par with some of the best bolt-action rifles ever made.

This translates into a number of applications from precision shooting at competitions to long-range hunting. The Super Sniper is extremely versatile and its flexible design allows it to adapt to an array of medium to long range situations.


The quality of the Super Sniper is the direct result of extensive hand-labor that each and every single Super Sniper receives.

At it's heart is Wilson Combat’s legendary match-grade barrel. The barrel is precision button rifled from 416-R stainless steel, then chambered and reverse crowned for exceptional accuracy. The 1-8” twist chosen for the Super Sniper and delivers consistent results all the way to 1000 yards with a broad range of bullet weights and grains.

The barrel is also hand-fitted to ensure it aligns perfectly with the axis of the bore and and it's outfitted with a target-style reverse crown, guaranteeing top-notch accuracy. All these features result in a stiff barrel that dampens vibrations, resists heat warp, has match-grade rifling and sports a crown that cleanly releases each and every bullet.

Wilson's BILLet-AR machined-aluminum upper and lower receivers are designed and engineered to close tolerances. They are made with 7075-T6 aluminum forgings that are hand-fitted by one of Wilson’s master gunsmiths.

When assembled, the upper and lower receivers provide a stable platform for the barrel that allows it to remain secure and in place when the rifle is fired. In addition, the precisely machined bolt raceway in the upper receiver helps ensure that the bolt will place every cartridge in the same position in relation to the bore. These features help guarantee reliability and consistent accuracy.

Other features that help boost accuracy and precision include Wilson's TRIM handguard and Tactical Trigger Unit.

Wilson's exclusive T.R.I.M rail is free floating, so there's no additional pressure of the barrel that could decrease accuracy. Not only that, but it has a comfortable and versatile platform that is perfect for mounting your favorite accessories. The Tactical Trigger Unit is a single-stage trigger that is incredibly clean and consistently breaks at around four pounds.

Wilson's Super Sniper is all you could ever ask for in a semi-auto sniper rifle. It consistently delivers precise shots at a much more rapid rate than other bolt-action sniper rifles, all while maintaining a reasonable weight.


At Somarriba, Inc. we are proud to say we are premium dealers with Wilson. We house a number of their custom pistols and rifles including the new Super Sniper.

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