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Rifle Review: The Mauser M98 Magnum - Available Now for a Limited Time!

The Mauser M98 is without a doubt the most copied action of all-time and one of the most dependable rifles ever produced. It has proven it's incredible performance and dependability on hunting grounds from the polar ice to the equator.

The M98 Magnum is meant for taking down the top of the food chain in dangerous game. While out in the plains of Africa, the M98 Magnum is your ULTIMATE partner with it's supreme reliability and it's uncompromising firepower.

This Magnum Expert comes in .375 H&H Magnum, capable of taking down even the most dangerous of game. Along with a five-shot capacity, this M98 Magnum Expert has you covered in any situation.


The M98 design is centered around a bolt with two front lugs and a large non-rotating claw extractor that takes hold of a cartridge as it leaves the magazine and holds it firmly until the cartridge strikes the receiver-mounted ejector blade and is ejected from the action providing a true controlled feed. The 98 design also incorporates a third lug, set at the rear, that acts as a safety lug in the event of a catastrophic ammunition failure. At no time during the feeding, firing or extraction of the cartridge the claw relinquish its grip on the case rim resulting in no failed extracts and reduced jams.

The new M98's are a perfect blend of a reliable classic design with modern manufacturing techniques, making it more durable, powerful, and efficient than ever before. It utilizes several key features that are vital while big-game hunting.


We are honored to say we are premium dealers with Mauser and house many of their M98 models, as well as the M12 and M03 models.

Here's an close-up look at African big-game hunting with the M98 Magnum straight from Mauser:

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