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Rifle Review: The Tikka T3x

Unveiled at the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting, the Tikka T3x quickly became the hallmark of Tikka rifles and the company’s biggest product overhaul in a decade.


As mentioned in our "Most Popular Products of the Year" review, the T3x is the #1 choice for all those looking for an entry level firearm that is reliable, extremely accurate and doesn't break the bank. It comes out-of-the-box ready to fire with little adjustment and a smooth action.

After shooting hundreds of Tikka rifles at the range, we have a simple conclusion that Tikka is a consistently accurate and superbly reliable. Whether you are going for big game hunting, varmint hunting or simply punching holes at extreme distances the T3x performs flawlessly.

Tikka is offer in a number of attractive models: Hunter, Forest, Varmint, Laminated Stainless, Stainless Lite, Compact, Compact Tactical, and many more. Within those models there are synthetic, wood, and laminate stocks; threaded and fluted barrels; and left and right-handed models. There is a T3x for every shooter.


The Tikka T3x is an improved version of the original T3 rifle. While designing the T3x, Tikka took into consideration the complaints and experience of the past to make an improve version of the T3. To summarize, Tikka created a rifle that, out-of-the-box, is ready to fire accurately and reliably with little-to-no modification.

Speaking of improvements, Tikka enhanced the T3x with new texturing on the pistol grip and forend, along with an innovative pistol grip that could be swapped out for a more vertical grip if so desired which allows for multiple shooting positions.

Another improvement to the grip is the new asymmetrical grip pattern and shape that Tikka specifically designed to give a solid grip in all field conditions.

A significant upgrade to the stock is the new recoil pad technology that reduces the impact of recoil on the shooter monumentally allowing you to fully concentrate on the accuracy of your shots. The synthetic stock now comes with a foam insert within the interior of the rear stock which aids in both noise reduction and vibration generated by the stock.

Moving onto the action, Tikka redesigned the receiver introducing a widened angular ejection port that makes it easier to feed one cartridge at a time. Tikka has taken care of an upgrade generally made by the consumer, a metallic bolt shroud which covers and shields the rear of the bolt body and the firing pin.

Tikka has also improved the rail attachment providing an extra screw placement on top of the receiver so that you can robustly attach a picatinny rail, even when using larger scopes.

To top it all off, Tikka rifles undergo strict quality testing, with every rifle carrying the minute of angle guarantee.

The bottom line is there is no better for the money with the T3x.


As premium dealers with Tikka we have an extensive collection of their rifles, especially the T3x. We have the HUNTER, TAC, STAINLESS LITE, SPORTER, LAMINATED STAINLESS, and VARMINT models all in stock with multiple calibers to choose from.


Our collection shows all the models we have: Somarriba's Tikka Collection

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