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Optic Review: The ALL-NEW Ultra-Premium Kahles K525i

When Kahles is brought up, it is instantly associated with high-quality optics, reliability, incredibly clear glass, and well-thought-out features. It is no surprise that they have now developed, what I consider, the BEST long range riflescope ever.

The K525i has proven to become the new flagship of Kahles in the field of tactical riflescopes combining the utmost precision and optical performance beyond our wildest dreams all incorporated with unique handling and ergonomics.


The economical K525i is designed with a practical magnification range that has been developed for tactical operations and long range shooting.

With it's optimal 5-25x power magnification range and a large 56mm objective lens, we can rest assured that the K525i will exceed expectations. It is, without a doubt, going to be a top contender in the tactical riflescope arena.

Due to Kahles ergonomically designed arrangement, all operating elements can easily and comfortably be operated with the intuitively preferred hand. This means, for all the left-hand shooters out there, with the K525i, having to reach over the scope to adjust and being knocked out of the shooting position is no longer an issue. The patented central arrangement of the operating elements makes right- and left-handed operation equally comfortable. The windage adjustment is ideally placed on either the left side for right-handed shooters and on the right side for left-hand shooters. Nothing is left to chance with the K525i.

All essential information is clearly displayed on the turrets in any aiming position along with a large adjustment range that provides more than enough reserve for any situation. As a result,

the shooter can fully concentrate on the target.

In any situation, the K525i demonstrating clearly defined precise clicks exceptional repeat accuracy, to produce the highest precision and reliability the no other riflescope on the market! It is made for the ambitious shooter where is the sky is the limit.

Kahles could not have said it better, the K525i is, "A perfect package for the highest demands."


Our very own, Jose Somarriba Jr., had the privilege of being invited to the K&M Ranch to test out the Kahles K525i and we can say without a doubt, this riflescope performed better than all other riflescopes we have tested previously.

During the course of the Precision Rifle Training Course, Jose Somarriba Jr., was able to meet Major Shannon Kay, the owner of K&M Shooting Complex and expert sniper instructor, along with several other top-notch, long distance shooters including, Brian Allen, Mike Rogan, Christine Allen, and several other instructors.

Below you have Captain Kay instructing the shooters:

As Jose progressed in the course, he was able to fire with the K525i at stationary targets from distances spanning to 400 to 1200 yards and with the K525i, it could not have been made easier. The next step was to shoot at moving targets from 300 to 500 yards and the K525i did not disappoint. It easily adapts to any situation whether it be long distance target shooting, hunting, or a tactical situation, the K525i can get the job done.

Here you can see the K525i in action:

Once the ballistic data is known, the precision dialing features of the elevation and windage turret make it a breeze to reach targets at any distance. At the K&M Shooting Complex, Jose was able to reach a maximum of 1,200 yards and the K525i performed flawlessly.

Don't take our word for it, the targets speak for themselves:

As Jose progressed through the two-day course, he was able to shoot with the K525i in tactical positions. The shooters were placed in all sorts of tactical positions, ensuring both the shooter and the K525i were put through every possible scenario. It is safe to say that the K525i was put through every shooting test and passed them all with flying colors.

Here you can see the some of the positions the shooters were placed in:


Jose was able to test out the SKMR3 reticle and in his own words, "It could not have performed better." The reticle itself was developed by Major Shannon Kay and he was able to put his many years of military service into making the perfect reticle for long distance shooting.

At first, the reticle may seem crowded, however after understanding it and it's functions, it becomes a superb tool, especially when time doesn't allow to make turret corrections. Furthermore, it is a great gauge for measuring distance.

All in all, the new K525i from Kahles is without a doubt the number one optical tool for shooter seeking the highest level of precision.


Currently the K525i is offered in 5-25x56i magnification, however the configurations extends beyond that.

Depending on preference and the model you choose, the clicks are either in MOA or in MRAD. Kahles states, "¼ MOA corresponds to a shift of the point of impact of 0.741 cm/ 100 m. 0.1 MRAD corresponds to a shift of the point of impact of 1 cm/ 100 m."

Another key feature is the integrated zero stop or mechanical stopping point is 3 or 4 clicks below the zero indicator and can be activated after zeroing the scope. This critical feature allows you to quickly and intuitively find the zero indicator in unique circumstances and adapt accordingly.

Another captivating feature on the K525i is the four different reticles it is offered in: MSR2/Ki, SKMR3, SKMR, and MOAK. While each reticle has it's own advantages, Somarriba, Inc. recommends the SKMR3 has the best reticle offered by Kahles and incredible well-suited for the K525i.


Magnification: 5 - 25

Objective lens diameter: 56 mm

Exit pupil diameter: 9.5 - 2.3 mm

Eye relief: 3.74 inch

Field of view: 7.1 - 1.5 m/100 m // 21.7 - 4.4 ft/100 yds

Diopter compensation: +2.0 / -3.5 dpt

Impact correction per click: 0.1 MRAD // ¼ MOA

Parallax adjustment: 20 m till ∞

Adjustment range (E/W): 104.4/46.8 in/100 yds // 29 / 13 MIL // 100 / 45 MOA

Tube diameter: 34 mm

Length: 377 mm // 14.8 in

Weight: 970 g // 34.2 oz


Warranty:10 years


Mechanics: * * * * *

Kahles could not have made long range shooting easier with all their configurations and reticles. Nothing is left to chance with the K525i

Ergonomics: * * * * *

The K525i's ergonomic design is something out of fantasy. It is developed for easy use by any and every shooter whether right or left handed. Firing the perfect shot has never been so easy.

Pricing: * * *

With high-quality products comes high prices and the K525i is no exception. Kahles has placed a hefty MSRP of €3,300 or $4055.03. However do not be dissuaded with the lofty MSRP, at Somarriba, Inc. we are taking pre-orders at $3,299.

Overall: * * * * 1/2

Without a doubt, the K525i is the best long range/tactical riflescope there is. The only reason it wouldn't achieve the full five stars is the understandable price factor that comes with it.

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