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Blaser's Primus Binoculars In Stock!

When it comes to Blaser, no words need to be spoken to show the superb quality and craftsmanship that go into any of their products. With the new Primus model, the search for finding the perfect binocular has come to an end. The best and brightest minds in the optics industry have worked on this project resulting in binoculars that are completely tailored to the requirements of hunting. Being able to raise the binoculars to your eyes and have the perfect view this is the formidable challenge that takes years of buying optics only to be disappointed with one flaw or another. Blaser has overcomed this challenge giving us the binocular we always wanted. It allows for superior light transmission, neutral color reproduction and brilliant, high-contrast images, faster image acquisition, ensures water and dust protection, among many more features.

The Blaser Primus binoculars are built around a secure lightweight magnesium housing that protects all mechanisms inside while covered with an attractive bicolor reinforcement that duplicates the look and feel of leather. Along with fish scale texture over the focusing wheel and dioptre compensation adjusting ring which provides secure handling especially in adverse weather conditions.

Just as important as optical quality is the protection of the outer lenses; hence why the Blaser Primus binoculars feature the SLP coating (Smart Lens Protection), a GSO-developed (German Sports Optics), nanotechnology-based treatment ensuring water and dust protection that also allows for rain to run off and makes the lenses significantly easier to clean.

At Somarriba, Inc., we have Primus 10x42 in stock with more binoculars and optics on the way! Call now for any questions on any of our Blaser products at 305-252-6677.

Somarriba's Blaser Collection:

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