Review: Wilson Combat EDC X9

The ALL-NEW EDC-X9 from Wilson Combat is a revolutionary piece that has redefined what it means to be a defensive handgun, with the state-of-the-art X-frame. The EDC X9 offers shooters 1911 match-grade accuracy, superior ergonomics, and concealability with high-capacity and reliability, making it the superior choice for everyday carry. This handgun has made real our wildest dreams of a high-capacity 1911 that isn’t bigger than the existing 1911s.

The EDC X9 begins life as a billet of pre-­hardened 7075-­T6 aluminum. Wilson Combat then machines a receiver that contains its 15-­round, double-stack magazine. This receiver is sleek with all extra bulk eliminated and machines in their renowned X-TAC tread pattern The EDC X9's front and back straps are also configured with the advanced Wilson Combat X-TAC pattern that provides the ultimate tactical but nonabrasive grip that is suitable is all shooting conditions. The ergonomic design of the X-frame allows for extra fitting configurations to accommodate all hand sizes. You can have yours made with one of three different trigger lengths and you can select from three different sizes of back straps. The slide has an angled relief cut on the nose which eases holstering. The wedge-shaped slide allows the pistol to center itself and slide smoothly into a holster and also employs the X-TAC tread pattern. The X9 barrel has a coned front end, so there’s no barrel bushing to be fitted, work loose or break. The muzzle is trimmed flush with the slide end and crowned with a deep and angled cone that provide maximum protection and support to the ends of the lands and grooves.

Bill Wilson, CEO of Wilson Combat, says, “The EDC X9 has been the most extensive design and development project Wilson Combat has undertaken in our 40-year history." It has been tested by champion shooters and industry experts and has demonstrated to have zero failures to feed and fire in 60,000 rounds through 20 test guns. The EDC X9 has proven to be one of the greatest pistols of our time offering the best of the original EDC 9 1911 design and modern day technology.

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