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Review: Beretta/Wilson 92G Brigadier Tactical

Beretta and Wilson Combat are both top-tier firearm manufacturers who have come together to make this superb pistol based off of the Beretta 92 platform. Bill Wilson, the founder of Wilson Combat, is a long standing Beretta collector and has always praised the renowned Beretta 92 platform. Wilson's favorite was the B92 SD, but he had some concerns that it was too rare and expensive to shoot and that propted Beretta and Wilson to come together and manufacturer an "enhanced" B92 SD, the Brigadier. The Brigadier encompasses all the pros of the 92 platform and none of the cons making it extremely reliable and durable. The sleek, skeletonized hammer from the late Beretta Elite series is also part of this new pistol. The grip frame is factory checkered, front and back that provides excellent non-slip grip without being too rough on your hands. The magazine well is effectively beveled for faster loading and reloading. The pistol also includes three of the improved “sand-resistant” magazines. Wilson Combat provides its excellent Battlesight, with its big U-shaped notch along with a Trijicon night sight module up front. This brainchild of Bill Wilson is truly a fine pistol.

We are privileged dealers with both Beretta and Wilson Combat and are glad to say that we have an extensive collection for both manufacturers including the Brigadier, EDC X9, and Silver Pigeon I.

Check out the links below to see our Beretta and Wilson collections:

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