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Review: The SAKO 85 Carbonlight

Sako has always been extremely popular among hunters around the world for their simply outstanding build and barrel quality. Now we have a new rifle that surpasses all others in the 85 series, the Sako 85 Carbonlight. The Carbonlight is a high-quality rifle that is not overpriced and gets the job done down to the millimeter, it is designed for any hunter or huntress who are after any type of game. While based on the highly renowned 85 action and sharing all other features of the distinguished Finnlight model, this rifle is stocked with high-end carbon fiber. The effects are simple amazing making it the lightest Sako rifle ever while keeping all the components that every hunter loves and needs. It is extremely light yet very durable, rigid and strong, and features a flat surface for the firm attachment of a bipod. The Carbonlight is all you need in a rifle, rugged, dependable, very accurate, super-light and drop-dead gorgeous.

At Somarriba, Inc. we have a very extensive Sako 85 inventory including the Carbonlight here in our e-Store and at our physical location. Do not miss your chance to try out this beauty before they sell out! For more images and information check the links below:

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